The Wyke GSM Alarm

The Wyke’s NEW GSM Alarm

This new system doesn’t use a receiver.  It is a transmitter that operates on cell phone technology and uses a local SIM card that is programmed easily with any mobile phone.  It can be programmed to call up to three numbers and will leave voice messages and text messages.  It can call mobile phones or land lines.

The new THE WYKE GSM ALARM also has a second monitoring device that can be turned on or off.  This is a tilt feature that sends a separate alert that your mare is lying down.   Many expensive alarms are based soley on this kind of lying down alert.  But, The Wyke GSM Alarm uses the primary system of a sweat sensor, and has this as a secondary or back-up feature.  So, for the price of one alarm, you get both alarm types in the New WYKE GSM ALARM.  If you are having too any false alarms with the lying down alert, we recommend you to switch this function off and use it only in the last few days of monitoring.  The hub unit is a quad band modem so this unit will work in all the major countries in the world.  The unit is battery powered and fits onto the horse using a leather breast plate harness with elasticated surcingle.  If the battery drops below a predefined voltage another SMS message will be sent alerting the owner to the fact the cells need recharging.  The unit uses modern, high capacity NiiMH cells and has a fast charger built into the case.

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Price List 2009