The Wyke Mark I Electronic Alarm


The Wyke has been making a version of this alarm for more than 12 years.  This 2009 model still uses a highly reliable transmitter and receiver that has proven years of experience in the field.   A loud alarm sounds at the receiver location when the transmitter indicates that foaling is soon to begin.  This unit has worked successfully for many years.  The biggest drawback of this unit has been the limiting distance.  The transmitter on the mare needs to be within a range of 500 metres in most circumstances.   This is why The Wyke has developed an alternative choice with our second season of a new system, based upon mobile phone technology, which overcomes the distance obstacle.  ( Click here to go to THE WYKE GSM ALARM )   However, our customers of the past still swear by the older system, and it is still so powerfully functional and reliable, we will continue to have it available.  For remote areas around the world, some still experience difficulty in mobile phone coverage.  Our electronic alarm is still the perfect solution for them.

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The alarm transmitter works off a small easily replaced 9 volt battery and its signal should carry about 500 metres.  It contains a circuit that checks the state of its battery and if it becomes discharged it will alert the receiver and a warning light will indicate the problem. It also checks its own electronics and sensor every few seconds and will inform the receiver if there are any problems.   The alarm transmitter fits in a leather pouch on a breastplate. The sensor is mounted on one of the neck straps. It lies on the mare’s neck

and at the first sign of sweating, triggers a radio signal to the alarm receiver which may be placed in a convenient place to alert the groom that birth is about to take place.

The alarm receiver is supplied with a mains adapter for use where there is mains electricity, it may also be operated from a 12 volt battery supply making it portable for use in vehicles etc. The onset of birth is indicated at the receiver by a light and a loud audible tone. Up to 4 transmitters may be used on this system and each one is identifiable by a separate light on the receiver’s front panel. This is most useful when mares are kept out or in separate buildings.

Optional extras

A long range aerial may be used with the Foal Alarm receiver giving a range of 3 miles or more.

The receiver may be used to activate an auto dialler which will telephone you on up to 4 separate telephone numbers (Mobiles and pagers included).

The components of The Wyke Foaling alarm are CE approved and comply with UK Radio Regulatory legislation. If purchasing from abroad you must check your local regulations.

A complete system includes:               (prices in red show 2009 updated prices)

  • £392 + VAT

Extra transmitter with harness £220 + VAT

Replacement Harness £41 + VAT

A repair service is available ~ we recommend you send in alarms out of season so that they are ready for when you need them most.


Our alarms may be hired at a cost of £30 + VAT per week, plus carriage …… Best book one early!

Please ask for our Conditions of Hire.

Some Testimonials from our customers.

‘Thanks very much for all your help. Poppy had a striking coloured colt at 10pm on the 9th June. Thanks to the foal alarm the vet was there in time to pull him out as he’d got stuck. I also got far more sleep over the last 3 nights than I had for a week!’

Thanks again from Kath Poppy and Sam.

‘Thanks for the alarm it arrived the next day. I wished I had bought one before as my wife and I were worn out sitting up every night and nearly falling asleep. We had one night’s deep sleep then the following night the alarm woke us and we rushed out to see our beautiful colt foal. I really would recommend to anyone - It beats sitting up all night!’

Regards, Richard.

Thank you for the alarm it was very successful. I used it in conjunction with CCTV. Please send me an extra transmitter.

Yours sincerely, Fiona

We have sold and serviced foaling alarms for many years now and our service and knowledge in this field is unparalleled in the UK.
For more information please feel free to contact us. We can help.