SHOW JUDGES Training Day

Midland Association of Riding Clubs



The competition took place in the outdoor arena.
The weather didn’t always cooperate. Sometimes, it rained. And it even hailed!
But the elements couldn’t stop the riders
and the judges persevered, too.
Chloe and Flicka followed by Libby and Rocky
Libby and Rocky ride in the arena followed by Liz and Celie

Katie aboard Piper as they prepare to take the stage of the arena
Katie and Piper with their rosette after a good job in the arena
Before the start, the riders brought their horses from the stables. Chloe brought Flicka.

Chloe and Flicka pose in the yard with their ribbon
Emma took Haffy to go before the judges
Emma and Haffy and their rosette for their riding
Izzy H and Zarius are ready to compete with a beautiful braid of the mane.
Izzy H and Zarius ride proudly past the judges.
Izzy and Zarius finish a joyful day with their rosette.

Libby mounts up to take Rocky to the contest.
Libby and Rocky show their excitement as the wind begins to blow.

Libby on Rocky is shown after the competition with her rosette.

Izzy A prepared Davey for the competition and both excelled.
Izzy A and Davey prepare to begin the competition.
The judges look at Izzy A and Davey closely, and like what they see!
The look of a winner with two firsts! Well done, Izzy and Davey!
Izzy and Davey win 1st as best rider and best ridden horse! Congratulations, Izzy! Good job!
Liz Pope took Celie out and won 1st for Best Turned Out!

Bridie brought Tinky into the arena and competed against much older and bigger riders.

In the outdoor arena, the judges watched Bridie and Tinky.

And afterwards, Bridie and Tinky smile with their ribbon.
a fun day in the arena on the SHOW JUDGES TRAINING DAY

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