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The French champion class stallion Sheriff B underneath the Weinsberger solarium model OLYMPIC, Noticeably relaxed, this valuable animal enjoys the beneficial power from 6 sunlamps and 12 infra-red deep radiation lamps.

Already as a 2-year old. this mare Delita gained second place in the Yearling Champion Show. Full of alertness and agility, it is seen under the Weinsberger t-solarium PARCOURS in its home stable Gestut Taunus.

The Weinsberger solargesellschaft is one of Europe's most renowned manufacturers of solaria. Their research and product development has gained them a leading market position. In close co-operation with Veterinary Surgeons, specialising in the equestrian field, Zoological Veterinarians, Breeders and Stable Owners, T-solaria were developed - drawing on the far reaching experiences gained in their own stables.

Olympic Increased fertility - healthier foals

The warming and deeply penetrating infra-red rays, separately controllable from the sunning lamps in all Weinsberger t-solaria - improve the blood supply to the reproductive organs, thereby ensuring their crumples function. In addition, the light of the Sun spectrum stimulates the Hypophysis, the central hormone regulator, via the between brain. Nervy mares, often to be found among the racing breeds, respond with general calmer reactions. As a result they become more receptive, and so their fertility rate improves, often quite appreciably. Also the STALLION will contribute to improved fertility, as the Sunning course increases the Hormone production leading to more and more lively sperm production. Sunning the pregnant mare benefits the unborn foal. After foaling, the young animal, as experience has shown develops quicker when receiving regular sun treatment, and there are far less problems. It becomes a strong and resistant yearling thanks to an overall improved metabolism and the ability to compensate for any unfavorable mineral balance in the Feedstuff.

Important for all horse owners is the easy installation of the Weinsberger t-solaria thanks to the motorised solar lift as shown in the high ceiling of the private stable in Castle Lehrensteinsfeld (model OLYMPIC).


As with the Weinsberger domestic solaria, the t-solaria give animals, especially horses, really health giving radiation and they will be seen to visibly respond with obvious enjoyment, and their extra dynamism and vigor will soon be apparent. In the stable passages, wash and waiting boxes, in the operating theatres, and arenas the revitalizing therapeutic and prophylactic effects of the whole body sunning with ultraviolet, visible and deep reaching infra-red radiations has proved itself again and again. It is important to realize that the total spectrum of this radiation contains all active wave lengths of the real sun, and like the real sun it furthers the strengthening of the skeleton and musculature, due to a better blood supply to the muscles and the subcutaneous skin tissues, and at the same time it reduces the onset of infectious diseases.

Horsemen taking their horses on vacation, naturally expect equally good accommodation for their animals. In the sporting hotel Waldbrunnen the sun shines for the guests as well as for their own horses, through the Weinsberger t-solarium.

Warm up
Warming up and cooling down takes some time, which however can be reduced substantially by employing Weinsberger t-solaria. Here in the training stable Hoffmann on the Trotting Course Recklinghausen this advantage is made use of.

Model TURNIER at the Rider Club Heilbronn. Horses used all day for teaching in this school are rarely exposed to the sun. The result is rapid deterioration of stamina and alertness. Extreme working conditions make sunning particularly important.

A prominent Veterinary Surgeon - Dr. Gerh. Grenz - the present Veterinary Medical Director of the Opel-Zoo, former1y the attending Veterinary Surgeon of the German team during the last three Olympic Games - states:

"The strong effects of the sun-rays which are generally stimulating, and also of local influence open up, particularly in the case of the horse, a wide application range for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment."

The healthy horse

The increased production of haemafocytes, red blood corpuscles, haemoglobin and lymphocytes and the increased production of digestive secretions are results beneficial to the health of any animal. When working - the sun treated horse, due to its improved blood circulation shows more stamina and resilience, because more energy is available faster After work, the improved blood circulation ensures faster reduction of the lactic acid level, and speedier relaxation of the muscles.

The sick horse

In the case of the sick horse, sun treatment often proves to be a very effective support for the therapy. The circulatory effect intensifies the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the lipids (fat like substances), enabling open wounds to heal much more quickly. The healing of eczemas is accelerated, as also are saddle sores, SINUS congestions clear up more quickly, and anemia is quickly countered by increased blood production.

Dr. W. Haussermann, the Clinical Veterinary Surgeon states: "After the operation during the post narcotic sleep, hypothermia of the animal is avoided, thanks to the deeply penetrating radiation. There is no need for restricting covers, the circulation remains normal, and the animal gets to its feet much more quickly. The direct stimulation of inner organs such as liver and kidneys is equally possible, by Sun-Treating the so called Head zones i.e. skin areas through which certain organs can be treated by external stimulation."

Higher Performance - More Productivity.

Weinsberger t-solaria have very convincingly proven their worth for keeping and breeding indigenous and foreign animals. The benefits to the organism and vitamin and hormone husbandry in the body has been medically proven and evaluated. The sunning prompts measurable improvement of performance based on improved body functions. By the pre warmed and ready for action musculature - training times can be reduced.

Before and after the work, Weinsberger t-solaria ensure quicker adjustment to the given movement intensity, so that warming up and cooling down periods can be reduced considerably. Antibodies are mobilised to combat any inclination to cold infections.

The purchase of a Weinsberger t-solarium is an investment in the better health of your animals - and your training and breeding success.

The better results obtained ensure rapid return of your investment.


The Weinsberger solar lift

All t-solaria can be supplied with motorized height adjustment the Weinsberger solar lift. This enables the user to raise and lower the solaria to the required height in relation to the size of animal, in an easy, quick and effortless manner, and also permitting operation in passages and confined spaces which have to be left clear for high traffic at certain times. It operates very silently so as not to startle the animals or make them nervous.

SUNNING properly applied

The minimum application (recuperation dosage) per week is three sunning treatments under the t-solarium to ensure maintenance of vigorous health and sufficient resistance. Daily sunning is recommended for positive activating all functions of the organism, increasing efficiency and facilitating training tasks. The same applies for therapeutic applications. The daily sunning time for horses in Studs and horses subject to normal working is approx. 20 min (depending on model used) and the distance between the sunning lamps and the body of the horse should be 60 cm (2'). The employment of the Solar Lift permits setting the precise distance. After sunning the Solarium can be raised to its highest point under the ceiling to allow complete freedom of movement.

Horses undergoing intensive training or working in competition ought to receive sunning treatment before and after work. The sunning before work results in an effective cellular and vascular stimulation, increased blood circulation, thus warming up the musculature of the horse and preparing it for action.

The sunning afterwards can begin the moment the breathing frequency has returned to normal. Sunning afterwards will almost instantly calm the animal, whilst keeping the blood circulation active and stimulating the metabolism to reduce more quickly the lactic acid level in the blood and accelerating the organic dissimulation.

We gladly place at your disposal more detailed information from every field of application. Please contact us for our special information sheet.

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