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The Wyke of Shifnal
The Wyke
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Shropshire is located in Central England on the Welsh Border

Shropshire's centre of equine excellence
Shropshire's Centre Of Equine Excellence

The word 'Wyke' has its ancient origins in the Anglo Saxon word for settlement.

 The Wyke  would have been an ideal place for such a settlement; it is situated near a busy route centre and enjoys commanding views of the surrounding rural Shropshire countryside. Today 'The Wyke' is  a settlement which encourages the harmony that is achievable between horse and their human carers encompassing mutual trust, all happening in a rural environment.

The Wyke is a dedicated Equestrian complex comprising numerous unique activities including:
  • A busy thriving retail shop with expert advice offering a comprehensive range of equipment for both horse and rider. Some equipment is both designed and manufactured by ourselves.
  • A renowned equestrian training establishment with both indoor and outdoor facilities: we feature a sensitive approach to riding training based on classical equitation.

The Wyke  was first established in 1968 by the late Bob Phillips and his wife  Lynne. Today the Centre is professionally run by  Lynne Philips  and a friendly team of trained and dedicated staff who provide a high quality service in all equestrian activities. We are recognised as being amongst the leading establishments in the country in equine excellence.

The Wyke is an approved organisation by The British Equestrian Trade Association, The Society of Master Saddlers, The Association of British Riding Schools and The British Horse Society.



The Wyke Of Shifnal Proudly Presents Classic Saddlery Range Of Saddles



The Wyke
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